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Other CAPTURE vacancies

Business Developer Biomolecules - Synthesis and Processing

Ghent University is seeking an entrepreneurial and dynamic staff member to facilitate the value creation based on our research in the field of biobased economy.

The business development center Biomolecules wants to focus on the application-oriented research domain of bioproduction and bioproduct modification. It wants to market both the underlying technologies and the biomolecules themselves in the Ghent region and beyond. The focus is on the industrial and urban environment, with conversions that mainly start from by-products and products that find their use in various sectors such as chemical industry and food. Finally, the BD center wants to become a "one-stop-shop" for companies active in the field of biomolecules. This center is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Ir. Korneel Rabaey.

Deadline for applications: 11/05/2020

PhD positions

PhD researcher on impact of electroactive biofilms on corrosion processes

Prof. Korneel Rabaey & Dr. Antonin Prevoteau are hiring a predoctoral researcher to work on developing a fundatmental understandig of how (electroactive) biofilms can influence corrossion processes.