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Other CAPTURE vacancies

IOF Business Developer Biomolecules - Synthesis & Processing

For its liaison with industry, UGent uses a network of specialized business development centers, funded by the Industrial Research Fund (IOF), and backed by a central Technology Transfer Office

The business development center Biomolecules wants to focus on the application-oriented research domain of bioproduction and bioproduct modification. It wants to market both the underlying technologies and the biomolecules themselves in the Ghent region and beyond. The focus is on the industrial and urban environment, with conversions that mainly start from by-products and products that find their use in various sectors such as chemical industry and food.

PhD positions

Assistant position on Data analysis and mathematical modelling

The department of Data analysis and mathematical modelling has opened a position on modelling and data analysis of biological systems in research group Biomath. Both PhD research and teaching belong to the tasks. Promoter is prof. Ingmar Nopens.

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PhD position on interface between microbiology and microelectronics

Within a collaboration between Ghent University and KULeuven high throughput arrays were developed, for  investigating microbial hypotheses. In this project the focus is on cultivating mechanisms amenable to such small scale electrodes, and characterize biofilms in function of a wide variety of operating conditions. Candidates should have affinity for both microbiology and electrochemistry, and at least a basic interest in electronics. Promotor is Prof. Korneel Rabaey.

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Assistant position on biosystems design and control

The department of Green Chemistry and Technology has opened a position on design and control of biosystems. Both PhD research and teaching belong to the tasks. Promoter is prof. Eveline Volcke.

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15 international PhD positions for the C-PlaNeT project

C-PlaNeT is a Marie Sklodowska Curie European Joint Doctorate. It provides funding for 15 PhD students. The project wants to contribute to a circular economy for plastics by bringing together 15 researchers from various fields (chemistry, engineering, economics, environmental sciences, political sciences).

Every student will work at 2 institutions in 2 different countries and will do an internship outside the university. Every student needs to have a different nationality than the country of his/her home institution. 4 PhD students are hosted at Ghent University. Other partners are TU Eindhoven (Netherlands), TU Berlin (Germany), FA University Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany), MU Leoben (Austria), KU Leuven (Belgium), AU Thessaloniki (Greece) and DTU (Denmark).

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PhD researcher on digitisation of wastewater treatment plants

The Biomath group of prof. Ingmar Nopens is hiring a predoctoral researcher to work on digitisation and modelling of wastewater treatment plants. The project will consist of a collaboration with Waterschap De Dommel (Nl) and will have a strong validation component.