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Vision on Technology for a Better World.

VITO sets up partnerships – with both the industry, authorities, the academic world and/or other research institutes, in and beyond Europe – to develop advanced technological insights and new sustainable value chains. This way, they enable the creation of impactful changes.

Innovative Chemistry

VITO is convinced innovative chemistry is the leverage for a more sustainable society. To innovate chemistry one has to focus on making processes more efficient while integrating the use of renewable energy and materials.

For the industry the major challenge is to make processes more sustainable without jeopardizing quality and profitability. VITO focuses on process intensification, the creation of new synthesis routes and the reuse of side streams. Process intensification leads to more cost-effective and efficient processes and a lower use of resources (raw materials and energy), as well as less waste streams. Crucial is the integration of separation and conversion processes, often in combination with advanced membrane expertise.

VITO also looks into creating new value chains based on renewable raw materials, especially biomass and CO2. Biomass valorization involves raw materials such as lignin, algae and insects. Through biological and electrochemical processes, VITO develops basic chemicals such as organic acids and bioplastics from CO2.

VITO offers its expertise in many industries:

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Flavors and fragrances industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Food industry
  • Textile industry
  • Metal industry
  • Industrial biotechnology