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Welcome to CAPTURE! This is the building where researchers and entrepreneurs work together on a circular economy. What does that mean exactly? Well, Michelle will explain it all to you. She shows you around every corner of the building: from the lab to the toilet, nothing is left untouched. On her tour we meet professors, lab technicians, researchers and employees ready to explain, from needle to thread, how technology gives our plastics, CO2 and water a bright future. And don't pay too much attention to Michelle, she's behaving a bit strangely today... Could there be something wrong?

An audio tour by Siska Vandecasteele, with the help of Wederik De Backer and Pieter Blomme. All the characters in this story are real people of flesh and blood. Except Michelle. She is played by actress Lien Wildemeersch.

CAPTURE Audiotour

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John and Mike, managers of the Tech Lab.

The tour starts here. A big new tech hall is the first thing you see when you walk into the CAPTURE building. John and Mike are the proud lab managers and explain what happens here.


Steven de Meester about plastics.

Does a plastic cup fit into the blowhole of a whale? Professor Steven de Meester tells you more about the plastics pipeline in CAPTURE.


Mattias Debeuf: “No building without sponsors.”

No building without sponsors. "Who paid for this?" Michelle wonders. Matthias Debeuf tells us candidly.


Korneel Rabaey and water from the tap.

Will we soon be drinking water from the North Sea? Professor Korneel Rabaey, CTO of CAPTURE, is not taken aback by this question and talks in length about CAPTURE and the water pipeline.


Johan Bill beholds the building.

A proud Johan Bill looks at the stately CAPTURE building and brings the bricks to life.


Marjolein and Elise. Communication and training.

How important is training and communication for a consortium like CAPTURE? Elise and Marjolein proudly show their high-tech studio.


Sarah’s walk around the mound.

What is hidden under the mysterious but gigantic mound next to the CAPTURE building? What was the island of Zwijnaarde before this building was here? Administrative staff members Ann and Sarah will tell you all about it.


Saba. The researcher.

What is that damned wifi code again? Can Saba, besides deciphering difficult formulas, also remember a wifi code?


Ingmar Nopens. Valorisation, innovation and incubation.

Professor Ingmar Nopens plays with words like incubation, valorisation and innovation, and why they mean so much to CAPTURE.


Mark Saeys and the CO2 pipeline.

The tour is coming to an end. Michelle realises that the problem in "the other lab" is bigger than she thought. Will she be able to solve the problem? Professor Mark Saeys tells you everything about reusing CO2.

***SPOILER ALERT*** Have you listened to the 9 other episodes? This is the one where you will find out what's going on with Michelle.