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An Entrepreneurial University

The University of Antwerp has an outspoken ambition to become an entrepreneurial university. In order to achieve this ambition, people active in research, development and training from both academia and industry need to brought together. This increases the mutual interaction and will improve the outflow of new technology towards industry, the creation of spin-offs or new business lines in existing companies, leading to economic and social added value. The university is a driving force of innovation by generating knowledge, fostering multidisciplinarity, attracting human talent and stimulating entrepreneurial mindsets.

Sustainable Chemistry and Materials

One of the focus domains for valorization within the University of Antwerp is Sustainable Chemistry and Materials. With involvement of the whole innovative ecosystem, the aim is to develop new materials, processes and technologies, add value through the whole materials value chain, improve raw materials and energy efficiency, and reduce environmental impact and waste. This starts from excellent research in e.g.:

  • New process energy forms (electro-, plasma- photocatalysis)
  • In-line sensing and measurement technologies
  • Improved gaseous, liquid and solid waste treatment and recycling technologies
  • Sustainable and biobased feedstock
  • CO2 as an alternative carbon feedstock, probiotics
  • Advanced (nano)materials characterization & modeling