Centre for Advanced Process Technology for Urban Resource recovery

CO2 to product

Today, Flanders is emitting approximately 65 Mton of carbon dioxide or CO2 per year, half of which is produced by point...

Water 'fit-for-use'

Industrial water use can account for 25% of the total production cost and up to 57% of the total freshwater consumption...

Plastics to resource

Plastics are a key material within the circular economy. Their diverse composition and processing techniques make them both...


CAPTURE keeps growing, so to keep you up to date, we are launching our quarterly newsletter! Missed the first edition? No worries, you can find it here. And make sure to subscribe...

Great news! June 2nd will mark the day of the grand opening of the CAPTURE building. Not so great news, COVID is still among us so we can't throw the big party we had planned... but in any case more and more people will make the move in the coming months. Wondering how to get to this sparkling...

Step forward in Flemish-Dutch collaboration towards a robust Scheldt Delta region.



The CAPTURE initiative, which started in 2015 and has grown from interdisciplinary collaboration between several young and dynamic professors from 3 different faculties from Ghent University. CAPTURE proposes an integrated approach based on three pillars: 

  • Clustering of expertise, infrastructure and stakeholders in thematic pipelines, developing solutions from waste to resource, to final application
  • Acceleration of the introduction of knowledge and technologies towards industry and society
  • Training of multidisciplinary professionals