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117 faculty departments, spread over 11 faculties, offer high-quality courses in every one of their scientific disciplines. With a view to cooperation in research and community service, numerous research groups, centres and institutes have been founded over the years. Ghent University occupies a specific position among the Flemish University, it;

  • Defines itself in a broad international perspective, all the while accentuating its individuality in terms of language and culture;
  • Aims to encourage its students to adopt a critical approach within a creative, development-oriented educational and research environment;
  • Aims to promote and further develop fundamental independent research in all faculties and to be a world player in the selected fields of endeavor;
  • Aims to be an enterprising university with a focus on the social and economic applications of its research findings.

Research drives Ghent University

With 1362 professors and over 11 000 pre- and post-doctoral researchers, research is the motor of Ghent University. Boundaries are pushed. Researchers make discoveries. These discoveries impact people worldwide, give new impulses to teaching, and provide a foundation for a knowledge society.

Over the course of its 200 year history Ghent University has built up a strong scientific reputation. Ghent University invests both in fundamental, high risk science as in applied research. The university does not just offer a place to singular research strengths but also encourages multidisciplinary collaboration.

Our top research is built on a solid base: as a result of a bottom-up research policy young researchers are given every opportunity to grow. A deeply rooted quality culture guarantees continuous rejuvenation of research.

Thanks to the excellent performance of its entire research community, for the last ten years Ghent University has been part of the Shanghai Ranking's top 100 - a worldwide ranking primarily based on research indicators.

Sustainability as a cornerstone

Ghent University wants to be a leading knowledge institute for a future that is ecologically, socially and economically sustainable within a local and global context.

To this end:

  • Ghent University creates a substantial foundation for sustainable development;
  • Ghent University integrates sustainability in its education, research and services;
  • Ghent University implements sustainability in its general management and organisation

More information on the sustainability pillars of Ghent University

Strategies and collaborations

All of the above is made possible through strategic management and collaborations between Ghent University and several partners. Relevant for CAPTURE are:

  • The Industrial Liaison Network, which provides a supporting framework for collaborations between UGent and industry.
  • The Center for Sustainable Chemistry, an umbrella organization fully supported by the Faculty of Sciences, the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering and the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. The center wants to respond to the implementation of SusChem as the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry at the European level and the implementation of the innovation cluster policy at the Flemish level which resulted in the foundation of Catalisti as the spearhead cluster on Chemistry and Plastics. The Centre for Sustainable Chemistry has a strong focus on research infrastructure and services with industrial relevance.