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The adsorption team of the Department of Chemical Engineering (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium) is looking for a PhD researcher (targeting a Baekeland project) to research the adsorptive removal of organic trace (ppm level) components in gaseous flow, together with a large world-wide company active in Belgium. The focus is on (I) using available adsorbents in a novel electric desorption concept to test and compare separation performance on labscale, (II) and prepare structured materials based on the available core materials and evaluate performance. To this purpose, you can make use of the available setups (electric desorption), synthesis knowhow and tools, and modelling expertise within both the university as company.

We are looking for an active, creative and autonomous researcher, ready to work in a team (both at the university and company) and pursue a PhD diploma (4 years).

Admission requirements

Preferably, the candidate owns a degree in Chemical Engineering, Bio-engineering or (Physical) Chemistry. Experience is a plus. English can be considered as the main communication language, and Dutch is considered a plus.


The candidates should contact Prof. Tom Van Assche at Please send a complete Curriculum Vitae, with a recent photograph. Recommendations are beneficial.