Episode 1 - Decoding the Carbon Cycle: Understanding the Challenges with CO2

In this thought-provoking episode, we delve into some fundamental questions about the carbon cycle and its implications for our planet.

Episode 2 - Exploring the CO2 Emissions Terms: Understanding the Science and Solutions

Episode 3 - CO2 Molecule: Turning Challenges into Opportunities for a Sustainable Future

Episode 4 - The Crucial Role of Carbon Capture and Utilization in Tackling Climate Change

Episode 5 - Closing the Loop: The Role of Industrial Symbiosis in the Circular Economy and EU Policies Driving Change

Episode 6 - Embracing the Circular Economy: Challenges and Opportunities in the Transition to a Sustainable Future

Episode 7 - Unpacking the Circular Economy as an Industry's Path to Sustainability

Episode 8 - Case Study: minimizing CO2 emissions with renewable electricity