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A podcast about Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage

Hosted by the dynamic duo, Dr. César A. Urbina-Blanco and Dr. Barbara Sowa, the Cheers to CO2 podcast will keep you up to date on the latest breakthroughs in CO2 research and decarbonization. But it's not all about science - "Cheers to CO2" also aims to foster a community of like-minded individuals interested in Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage. Whether you're a researcher, policy expert, industrial partner, student, or simply someone who wants to gain valuable insights into the critical topic of circular economy, this podcast with 8 episodes is for you. So, tune in and join the conversation with "Cheers to CO2" - where there's always something new to learn!

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Decoding the Carbon Cycle: Understanding the Challenges with CO2 with prof. Mark Saeys

In this thought-provoking episode, we delve into some fundamental questions about the carbon cycle and its implications for our planet. Join us as we explore the reasons behind the rising CO2 concentration in the atmosphere and examine the factors that contribute to this concerning trend. We also take a closer look at the mechanisms behind CO2 build-up in the atmosphere and consider possible solutions to prevent it. If you're curious about the science behind climate change and eager to learn more about the critical issues facing our planet, this is an episode you won't want to miss!

Exploring the CO2 Emissions Terms: Understanding the Science and Solutions with prof. Jennifer Wilcox

Join us for an enlightening conversation with carbon capture technologies expert, Prof. Jennifer Wilcox, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (PDAS) for Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management at the Department of Energy in USA, as we dive into the complex world of CO2 emissions. Discover the main concepts such as Carbon Neutral and Carbon Negative Emissions, Carbon Utilization, Carbon Capture and Storage, and more. She also discussed the advantages and pitfalls of direct air capture technologies and identified ways to expedite their development and implementation from both academic and government perspectives. Prof. Wilcox offers valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of working in policy and academia. Tune in to learn about the potential solutions that can help mitigate the impact of CO2 on our planet.

The CO2 Molecule: Turning Challenges into Opportunities for a Sustainable Future with Dr. Mireille Ghoussoub

In this episode, we discuss the award-winning book "The Story of CO2: Big Ideas for a Small Molecule" with its co-author Dr. Mireille Ghoussoub, manager for Process Development at Heirloom, USA. We debate how to turn the challenges associated with CO2 into opportunities for a sustainable future. From stability of CO2 molecule, catalysts' role and energy requirements to achieving carbon neutrality and the costs of scaling up the process, Dr. Ghoussoub highlights the qualities that make CO2 a valuable molecule for the production of fuels and chemicals. Check in to discover how we can embrace CO2 as a valuable resource.

The Crucial Role of Carbon Capture and Utilization in Tackling Climate Change with Walter Eevers

Do you wish to gain insights into the role of CCU (carbon capture and utilization) in mitigating climate change? Join Walter Eevers, Director of Research and Development at VITO, as he uncovers the technological advancements, challenges, and the possibility of large-scale for the two main strategies of CCU and CCS (carbon capture and storage). Discover the crucial role of scientists and research institutes, like VITO, in deploying and developing CCU in Europe. We explore the difference between the two main strategies of CCU and CCS (carbon capture and storage) and uncover the current technological advancements in CCU. To keep things engaging, Eevers shares some fascinating examples of CCU technologies being utilized in Europe and provides insights into how the deployment and development of CCU technologies can be stimulated across the continent.

Closing the Loop: The Role of Industrial Symbiosis in the Circular Economy and EU Policies Driving Change with Carl De Maré

Are you curious about how industrial symbiosis can transform industrial sectors and contribute to the circular economy model and carbon neutrality? Our guest, Carl De Mare, program director of Smart Delta Resources Flanders (SDR), shares his expertise on the benefits and challenges of industrial symbiosis, the impact of policy on uptake, and the implementation of carbon pricing in Europe. Learn how SDR exemplifies the power of symbiosis in exchanging resources like materials, energy, water, and waste to create a more sustainable future. Discover the keys to success for industrial symbiosis clusters and the best ways to design future policy frameworks to support the development of industrial symbiosis systems. Learn more about the carbon pricing and its implementation in Europe through the EU Emissions Trading System and the future Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. Don't miss out on this eye-opening conversation!

Embracing the Circular Economy: Challenges and Opportunities in the Transition to a Sustainable Future with Dr. Simon De Corte

Join us for an insightful episode as we explore the challenges and opportunities of transitioning from a linear to a circular economy with Dr. Simon De Corte, a kickstart manager for materials valorization from Ghent University. Dr. De Corte shares his experience in creating the innovation trajectory and the roadmap for North CCU Hub, which focuses on a circular economy applied to carbon. He discusses the potential of Carbon Capture & Utilisation (CCU) technologies, mitigating climate change, and contributing to the development of a circular economy. Learn how academia and industry can collaborate to improve their activities towards a circular economy and explore new value chains. We also touch on the international landscape, comparing Belgium and EU or the world in terms of leading the transition to a circular economy. Tune in to discover how major transformations come with challenges, acknowledging weaknesses, and creating new solutions.

Unpacking the Circular Economy as an Industry's Path to Sustainability with Eric De Coninck

Are you looking to stay ahead of the curve and learn about the latest trends in sustainable industry practices? Tune in to learn with us the transformative potential of circular economy in industries, such as ArcelorMittal, the largest steel manufacturer in North and South America and Europe. Our guest, Eric De Coninck, Business Development Director of Arcelor Mittal, shares his insights on the challenges companies may face when transitioning to a circular economy and the key goals for its successful implementation. We also discuss the role of partnering to ensure a circular economy, with ArcelorMittal operating in symbiosis with other companies to exchange flows of waste materials, by-products, used water, and waste energy. This includes the collaboration with Lanzatech for Steelanol Plant and the company's involvement within North-CCU-Hub, among others. The episode ends by emphasizing the need for technology roadmaps, demand signals, finance, and policy engagement to revolutionize sustainable industry practices.

Case Study: minimizing CO2 emissions with renewable electricity with Dr. Marian Flores-Granobles

Dare to explore with Dr. Marian Flores-Granobles, a chemical engineer at FINOCAS, a fascinating case study on minimizing CO2 emissions with renewable electricity in the steel industry. Based on her PhD studies at Ghent University, Dr. Flores walks us through the various strategies that were considered for reducing CO2 emissions from steel-making, including carbon capture and storage (CCS), carbon capture and utilization (CCU), and avoiding CO2 emissions altogether. We also get an in-depth look at the currently most predominant steel production process. Don't miss this engaging and informative discussion on the cutting-edge of sustainability and renewable energy!