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Join us for an insightful episode as we explore the challenges and opportunities of transitioning from a linear to a circular economy with Dr. Simon De Corte, a kickstart manager for materials valorization from Ghent University. Dr. De Corte shares his experience in creating the innovation trajectory and the roadmap for North CCU Hub, which focuses on a circular economy applied to carbon. He discusses the potential of Carbon Capture & Utilisation (CCU) technologies, mitigating climate change, and contributing to the development of a circular economy. Learn how academia and industry can collaborate to improve their activities towards a circular economy and explore new value chains. We also touch on the international landscape, comparing Belgium and EU or the world in terms of leading the transition to a circular economy. Tune in to discover how major transformations come with challenges, acknowledging weaknesses, and creating new solutions.

Meet our guest

Dr. Simon De Corte has a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Ghent University where he is currently a technology transfer advisor. He currently works as a project coordinator of the The Protein Club. He previously was a program manager at the North CCU Hub (CCU stands for carbon capture and utilization). He is experienced in bridging the gap between academia, society and industry in innovation, training and entrepreneurship. Dr. De Corte has strong affinities with the chemical, environmental and (raw) materials sector. His role is to support the development of a circular economy by stimulating product, process and system innovations and by setting up training activities for both young talents and experienced professionals.

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Additional information

North CCU Hub - It is a consortium prominently present in the North Sea Port area. The main aim of the hub is to make the port area climate neutral by a smart combination of renewable energy, green hydrogen and the use of CO2 as a raw material for products with added value.

North-C-Methanol - The first large scale demonstrator project of North-CCU-Hub. It consists of an electrolyzers plant with a power of 63 MW, splitting water in green hydrogen and oxygen, using renewable energy from off-shore wind. Oxygen will be used locally in the steel industry. Green hydrogen will be combined with captured CO2, originating from industrial point sources, in a catalytic methanol synthesis plant with a production capacity of 45.000 ton methanol per year. The North-C-Methanol project will be the first implementation of the North-CCU-Hub Roadmap.