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Are you curious about how industrial symbiosis can transform industrial sectors and contribute to the circular economy model and carbon neutrality? Our guest, Carl De Mare, program director of Smart Delta Resources Flanders (SDR), shares his expertise on the benefits and challenges of industrial symbiosis, the impact of policy on uptake, and the implementation of carbon pricing in Europe. Learn how SDR exemplifies the power of symbiosis in exchanging resources like materials, energy, water, and waste to create a more sustainable future. Discover the keys to success for industrial symbiosis clusters and the best ways to design future policy frameworks to support the development of industrial symbiosis systems. Learn more about the carbon pricing and its implementation in Europe through the EU Emissions Trading System and the future Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. Don't miss out on this eye-opening conversation!

Meet our guest

Meet Carl De Maré who is an expert in The Carbon Neutral Industry and Circular Economy. He is the Program director of Belgian Smart Delta Resources (SDR Vlaanderen). He was the vice-president head of technology strategy at the ArcelorMittal Group, and was also responsible for the global program on Low Impact Steel technologies and the chairman of the European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP). Carl holds a civil engineer diploma, specialized in electro-mechanical engineer, from the University of Gent, Belgium.

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Additional information

Smart Delta Resources - Smart Delta Resources (SDR) is a cross-border collaboration between major industry from the chemical, steel, energy and food sector, port and governments in the Scheldt Delta region (Zeeland/West-Brabant/East Flanders). It has a Dutch organization (SDR NL) and a Belgian organization (SDR Vlaanderen) that both work together on solutions for sustainable industry in the region.