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Our research group BioWAVE, linked to the faculty of applied engineering at UAntwerp. Aims at the development of biochemical engineering technologies for a sustainable water cycle We focus on industrial wastewater engineering and valorization, to bring innovative technologies to industrial application.

Our interests run along 2 main research lines

  1. Smart wastewater engineering
    • Development of (energy-)efficient microbial technologies: aerated granular sludge (AGS), nutrient cycling (P, N, N2O) and smart control & optimization
    • Treatment of complex wastewaters, integrating chemical & biochemical technologies (incl. whole effluent toxicity)
    • Microbial community analyses
  2. Smart wastewater valorization, using both open & closed microbial communities for resource recovery from wastewater
    • From dissolved & suspended substances to chemicals (biopolymers, bioplastics…)
    • Development and optimization of conventional & novel biochemical engineering technologies

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