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We are proud to again represent many researchers obtaining FWO or BOF grants for fundamental research this year. A list of some of the granted topics;

CO2 to product

  • Modeling-based design of a rotating gliding arc plasmatron with gas quanching and heat recovery for conversion of CO2, CH4 and H2O - Sara Ceulemans under the supervision of prof. Annemie Bogaerts (UA)
  • Modelling of MCM-41 supported single-atom catalysts (these catalysts show promise in CO2 hydrogenation to formate and methanol) - Sara Santos under the supervision of prof. Mark Saeys (UGent)

Water 'fit for use'

  • Membrane-aerated biotechnology to treat grey and black water for extreme resource efficiency in wastewater management - Marijn Timmer under the supervision of prof. Siegfried Vlaeminck (UA)
  • Assessment of choice behaviours and technological development shaping the circular economy for N and P - Julia Santolin under the supervision of prof. Siegfried Vlaeminck (UA)
  • Microbial management of unwanted odor compounds in drinking water - Fien Waegenaar under the supervision of prof. Bart De Gusseme (UGent)
  • ThermoNTreat: Integrated thermophilic partial nitritation and anammox for nitrogen removal from hot wastewaters - Badri Narayan Ravikumar under the supervision of prof. Ramon Ganigué and dr. Jia Mingshen (UGent)
  • Blackwater treatment and post-treatment in an integrated AnEMBR-METland system using Ni coated electrocatalytic ceramic membranes - Seppe Ongena under the supervision of prof. Korneel Rabaey (UGent)
  • Understanding the electroactivity of oral cavity microorganisms with a novel high-throughput electrochemical array - David Hernandez Villamor under the supervision of prof. Korneel Rabaey and prof. Tom Van de Wiele (UGent)

Plastics to resource

  • Synthetic biology engineering of the halophilic archaeon Haloferax mediterranei as a cell factory for tailor-made polyhydroxyalkanoates - Brendan Schroyen under the supervision of Eveline Peeters and Niko Van den Brande
  • Single event microkinetic modeling of steam cracking of plastic waste derived feeds - Jeroen Aerssens under the supervision of Kevin Van Geem

Interested in interacting about these topics? Contact the relevant professor or pipeline manager!