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We develop:

Clean, safe and cost-efficient

  • Resource efficient, low or positive in energy, minimum emissions
  • Low in undesirable trace contaminants/emerging pollutants
  • Mass/substance flow analysis (MFA/SFA), life cycle analysis (LCA), techno-economic assessment (TEA)

Microbial technology

  • Innovative nitrogen removal from wastewater (e.g. anammox)
  • Carbon capture: organics (high-rate activated sludge) and CO2 (phototrophs)
  • Liquid nitrate fertilizers (nitrification)
  • Microbial protein (feed/food) and slow-release fertilizer
  • High-rate composting and delignification

To treat or recover resources from waste and side streams, or to produce from renewable resources

  • From cities, industry, agriculture (manure), aquaculture
  • On Earth and in Space (regenerative life support systems)

Prof. Vlaeminck chairs the Water 'fit for use' pipeline within CAPTURE.

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