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The general objective of the project is to develop methods for the effective and efficient mechanical recycling of multi-layer plastics packaging waste (shells, and foils). Films for packaging of products are composed of multiple layers of different polymer materials, each contributing its own functionality to packaging. This is f.e. the case for trays for cheese and meat products or bags for frozen goods. The various layers are physically connected to each other. This has an effect on the processability of these mixtures, which makes efficient mechanical recycling very challenging.

Handling these problems adds value to the circular economy itself. Not only at post-industrial level, there are large amounts of waste (cutting residues, end-rolls, ...) but also at post-consumer level. Especially given the potential introduction of a P + MD bag. In this pilot project, besides the currently collected plastic bottles and flasks, all 'non-PMD' plastic packaging is collected in a separate bag.

In ReFOIL industrially relevant case studies are developed in which some of the common streams of multi-layered packaging waste (consisting of polyesters, polyolefins, polyamides, intermediate layers, e tc.) will be studied.