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Plastic Recuperation and Valorisation Fit for Use

Logo Profit project
Plastics to resource
2017 to 2019
Vanheede (coordinator), UGent, OWS, OVAM, GovaPlast

The aim of the PROFIT-project is the valorization of plastic materials from complex waste streams to qualitative end-products. The whole value chain, from waste to separation, to final processing will be examined. Two research areas are key within this project:

  • Reverse engineering: a cost-effective separation fit-for-use, starting from the desired properties of the final product.
  • Gaining more fundamental knowledge on the behavior of post-consumer plastic waste in separation technologies (selective flotation, centrifugation, windshifting,…).

This project wants to systematically optimize the separation/processing chain, taking into account the efficient use of water, chemicals and energy. Using Life cycle analysis, these any claims on efficiency and sustainability will be continuously monitored

CAPTURE staff involved