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On June 2nd, we had the pleasure of officially opening the very first CAPTURE building. In the presence of rector Rik Van de Walle, vice-minister president Hilde Crevits, our CTO Korneel Rabaey and representatives of EFRO and the Province of East-Flanders, we took our online audience on a trip through CAPTURE's history and and a peak inside the building.

One advantage of a livestream is that you are able to rewatch the whole event if you missed it. Enjoy the inspiring speeches, animation about the history and lively music by Sir Cool Air.

We would like to thank everyone that made this important milestone possible, not in the least our colleagues at CAPTURE, but also our funding partners. This building will become an important hub in the CAPTURE network, enabling more connections between our key partners UGent, VITO, UA and VUB.

Logo's of the building's sponsors: Ghent University, IIC UGent, EFRO and the Province of East-Flanders