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August 26-27, the CAPTURE Days took place for the first time! An excellent opportunity to (re)connect in person, discover the new building and discuss current and future joint activities. A total of 59 scientific presentations were given for a hybrid physical/digital audience, bringing together some 150 researchers over the two days. Most of these will be edited for our youtube channel. The topics ranged from carbon footprints of water resource recovery facilities, to electrochemical CO2 reduction and reusable alternatives to single use plastics.

Next to the presenations, topical project discussions took place, discussing opportunities on the following subjects:

  • Bio-economy on PHA & Microbial protein as polymers
  • Priority order of different CCU options
  • Plastics in ocean water
  • Rapid CCU
  • Digital water
  • CO2 capture integration to conversion
  • Is there any future for photocatalysis and electrocatalysis in CO2 conversion?

We closed the first day with an inspiring talk of astrophysicist, pilot instructor and founder of the Space Training academy, Nancy Vermeulen.

These days have lead to quite some inspirational follow-up actions. We will contact the relevant partners on short notice for their involvement.

Interested to connect on any of these topics? Let us know.