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This vacancy aims to select a PhD researcher having a materials engineering background. This researcher will experimentally focus on corrosion testing and corrosion characterization to investigate the influence of different water qualities on the corrosion behavior. Steel corrosion is a threat to our economy in any kind of industry where water comes into contact with steel, e.g. maritime sector, ports water purification plants, energy production, offshore renewable energy production. The costs relating to corrosion are immense and so far no general approach to determine where and when corrosion is taking place has been found. The project aims to provide understanding to assess the corrosion risks in specific installations in a maritime/industrial context. Therefore, in-situ sensors will be used to monitor a range of environmental markers over time to determine the risk of corrosion of steel submerged in water. The objective is to interpret the role of these specific markers in the corrosion process. The research emphasis lies on understanding the combined effect of cathodic protection and microbiological presence on the corrosion sensitivity of structures. The effect of mechanical stresses to which a material is subjected in a real construction will be included as well.

  • About 90% of your assignment will be spent on academic research in preparation of a PhD. Academic research activities include performing research on the subject outlined below, counselling master students active within your research project, project management and reporting, dissemination in high quality journals and conferences, and identifying opportunities for follow-up research work. Additional to academic research, you will be involved in educational tasks related to the subject of your research.
  • The initial contract duration will be one year. The contract will be extended to a full 4-year PhD research period under the condition of a positive evaluation after the initial period. Ghent University offers an attractive salary with additional benefits, a positive and inspiring working environment and training possibilities.
  • Your research will be counselled in the Sustainable Materials Science research group at Ghent University ( and is situated within a European Interreg project (SOCORRO – “Seeking out corrosion – before it is too late”). For more information: There will be an active cooperation with the partners of the European consortium of this project, giving the job an international standing.

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