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There's an opening to work together with CAPTURE Water professors Ingmar Nopens and Elena Torfs on mathematical modelling.


  • At least 50% of your assignment will be spent on academic research in preparation of a doctoral dissertation in “Advanced control for sustainable resource recovery systems”. This PhD project aims to develop a model-based predictive controller for complex non-linear systems that are characteristic for the water and resource recovery sector. The development of such advanced controllers allows to operate these systems at reduced energy and resource consumption without compromising the water or product quality thus leading to more sustainable production processes. More information about the content
  • You will assist in the teaching activities (management of the e-learning platform, supervision of PC-practica, support of students and cooperation in exams) in Data, such as the courses Data Science (course taught in DutchI002440 and Statistical data analysis (course taught in DutchI700223).
  • You will assist in the internal and external services of the department.


  • You hold a degree of Master of Science in Bioscience Engineering, Master of Science in (Bio-)Industrial Engineering, Master of Science in Engineering, Master of Science in Bioinformatics, Master of Sciene in Mathematics, Master of Science in Physics or related master’s degree. For diplomas awarded outside the European Union, a certificate of equivalence (NARIC) must be submitted. The degree requirements need to be fulfilled at the start of your appointment. Students who obtain their master degree before 1 October 2021 can apply as well.
  • You are interested in academic and/or project-based research and services.
  • Any teaching experience or participation in extra training, conferences, etc. is recommended.
  • You have excellent teaching and communication skills.
  • You are proficient in both Dutch in English.


  • We offer you a two-year appointment, which may be renewed twice for two years, on condition that the previous term was given a positive evaluation. Attention: If you have been previously appointed as a junior assistant or doctoral fellow at a university within the Flemish Community, this appointment will be deducted from the maximum term of appointment, which is six years at the most according to the Codex of Higher Education.
  • Your appointment will start on 1 December 2021 at the earliest.
  • Your remuneration will be determined according to salary scale AAP3. More information about our salary scales.
  • All Ghent University staff members enjoy a number of benefits, such as a wide range of training and education opportunities, 35 days of paid leave, bicycle commuting reimbursement, ecocheques, etc. A complete overview of all our fringe benefits (in Dutch).

All information and how to apply here