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Metin Bulut is currently business development manager in VITO’s Business Unit of Separation and Conversion Technology. He explores and identifies economic, environmental and social relevant opportunities for: the creation of new value chains starting from alternative feedstocks, valorization of CO2 by transformation into sustainable products, process intensification and resource recovery from process/side streams. Metin holds a doctoral degree in bio-engineering, environmental technology, with an expertise in the field of catalysis. He started his career in the petrochemical industry. He joined VITO in 2010 where he was involved in several research projects related to process intensification and membrane-based separations. Next to technological expertise, Metin has relevant experience in market analysis, techno-economic analysis and technology benchmark. He is involved in CO2 Capture and Utilization projects like VLAIO-CATALISTI CO2PERATE, Interreg E2C, Interreg ENoP, H2020 BioReCO2VER and H2020 BAC-TO-FUEL.