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Dr. Marc Spiller is senior research fellow in the sustainable air, energy and water technology group of the University of Antwerp. His educational tasks involve teaching courses on CleanTech in the context of the food, water, energy nexus, with elements of environmental impact assessment, system analyses and resource recovery from liquid waste streams. With a background in agricultural and water science his research focus is one the assessment of urban-agricultural systems, in particular the evaluation of nitrogen, phosphorus and protein flows. His work further focusses on the exploration (e.g. scenario analyses) of socio-technical options for closing nutrient and water resource loops as well as water fit-for-use applications. Methods adopted in his research include consequential life cycle assessment, material flows analyses and multi-criteria assessments, using software such as python and SimaPro. Marc takes an interdisciplinary approach to research collaborating closely with researchers from economics, agricultural science and social science. He has extensive experience in working in national and European projects.

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