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In 2018, I became is associate professor at Ghent University and member of the research unit on Knowledge-based systems (KERMIT, As a computer scientist, my research interests lie on the crossroads between machine learning, mathematical optimization and image processing. My expertise includes methodological and algorithmic development as well as applied research in these areas.

From a methodological point of view, I like to combine novel insights from the fields of convex and discrete optimization to develop new data analysis strategies for solving predictive modelling, data-reduction and image processing problems. From an application point of view, through collaborations with research units and companies in pharmaceutical engineering, I am currently active in model driven experimental design (active learning) for pharmaceutical product formulation and model-driven predictive maintenance in pharmaceutical production facilities. In the (broader) field of applied biological sciences, I have am currently working on projects related to the use of image processing techniques for plant phenotyping, food processing and precision livestock farming.