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Eveline Volcke graduated as a Chemical Engineer (1999) and obtained a PhD in Environmental Technology (2006) from Ghent University. She was granted several personal postdoctoral fellowships, among which an EU Marie Curie fellowship at the Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology, INRA, France.  In 2009, she was nominated as a professor.

Eveline Volcke is the founder and head of the ‘Biosystems Control’ research group, focusing on efficient and sustainable process design and control. She studies processes and reactors from a process engineering perspective, applying a combination of physical-based modelling and simulation, full-scale monitoring campaigns and lab-scale experiments. Eveline Volcke has a specific expertise in biological wastewater treatment, considering innovative technologies (e.g. anammox-based nitrogen removal, granular sludge) and sustainability aspects such as greenhouse gas emissions.

Eveline Volcke is a distinguished fellow of the International Water Association (IWA).