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Elise Meerburg is the training coordinator for CAPTURE. She facilitates a variety of training initiatives and coordinates the CAPTURE Academy video studio where the magic for the online learning paths happens. The online learning paths are available here.

Additionally, being part of the group of prof. Gijs Du Laing, she organizes the yearly summer school on circular cities, and manages the communication for SINReM (International Master Programme).

Finally, Elise is also the coordinator of 3 strategic institutional partnerships between Ghent University and UC Berkeley (USA), University of Toronto (Canada) and University of Queensland (Australia).

Finalized projects:

  • CIRCU-CITY summer camp: EIT RawMaterials project
  • InSysHub: Industrial Symbiosis Hub - a collaboration between universities and industry on closing material loops
  • MOTOPED: Modular toolbox for professional education

Involved in