Skip to main content Di Wu is an associate professor in Environmental Biotechnology, Centre for Environmental and Energy Research, Ghent University Global Campus (Incheon, Korea). He has also affiliated with the Department of Green Chemistry and Technology, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University (Ghent, Belgium). He teaches next-generation professionals with chemical & biological engineering and technology courses, including Environmental Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry and Biotechnology, Water and Wastewater Engineering, Process Design of Environmental Engineering Facilities. Recently, his team is focusing on three themes of research: [WES] Water-Energy Synergy - unlocking the potential of using saline water as alternative water for desalination, toilet flushing and cooling; [SWE] Sustainable Waste(water) Engineering - integrating process engineering and microbiological science for water remediation and waste-to-chemicals; and [WSE] Water System Engineering - developing smart, resilient concepts and analytical tools, tackling open, dynamic, complex problems in the urban water system.