The Province of East Flanders

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Province of East Flanders
The province of East Flanders paves the regional way for a smart specialization strategy. In collaboration with the Regional Development Agency East Flanders the province supports economic projects, such as on the bio-based economy, energy efficiency, sustainable construction and smart logistics...

East Flanders: where knowledge works

The province of East Flanders is a key actor in European programmes and actively supports European projects. We promote our province as a region “where knowledge works”. This highlights  two main strengths of the Province of East Flanders: it is a highly developed logistics region and it is a region of knowhow. The sum of these two strengths -knowledge and logistics- adds up to a multiplicity of assets. Together, they create a climate where companies and educational and research institutions inspire and enrich one another.

Involvement in CAPTURE

The province of East Flanders invests €500.000 in the CAPTURE Accelerator. By effectively tackling urban resource recovery issues through integrated research and the development of new technologies CAPTURE contributes to the provincial policy in various ways: in terms of economic development, East Flanders as a region of knowhow and the provincial ambition to become a climate neutral region by 2050.

The Regional Development Agency East Flanders (POM East Flanders) implements the socio economic policy of the provincial government. POM East Flanders creates sustainable industrial and business sites, revitalizes brownfields, sustainable management of industrial sites, realization different business development projects, and creates and manages incubation and innovation centers. Therefore the agency is shareholder in IIC UGent.