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Prof. Korneel Rabaey has been recognized as one of 25 International Water Association Fellows for 2018. IWA Fellows are appointed for an initial period of 5 years. During that time Fellows represent the IWA through relevant activities, events and meetings, and support the IWA’s mission and...
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CAPTURE wishes to strengthen multidisciplinary research as well as its researchers. As individual researchers gather expertise and develop technology, they have a unique profile to improve society through entrepreneurship and giving their research a real life. The CAPTURE Entrepreneurial Network...
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CAPTURE researchers in the group of Prof. Korneel Rabaey have collaborated with Teresa van Dongen to create Electric Life. This is a lamp based on the principle of a microbial fuel cell. Bacteria inside produce a small electrical current while removing organic matter from the water that is provided...
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Dr. Marjolein Vanopppen was hosted at Van Gils & gasten, a Flemish TV-show to explain how our diet impacts global water cycles and land use. Van Gils & gasten - Van Gils & gasten 20181029 | VRT NU