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Project ELECTRA The European commission and China have recently approved an ambitious project to improve bioremediation of surface water, groundwater and soils by means of bioelectrochemical technology. The advantage of this approach is that remediation can occur at low energy and chemicals input...
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CAPTURE is growing rapidly and is looking for a talented operations manager to consolidate its growth. More information: UGent Vacancy website
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Have you ever wondered about starting your own business, but you aren’t sure of your idea – or you don’t have that brilliant idea yet? Or you don’t want to start alone, and are looking for people to team up with? You have a business, but aren’t sure what the next steps could be (scaling it, putting...
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A new cohort of MSc students for the international Master of Science in Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management (SINReM) have started their journey. 22 Students from all over the world (Spain, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, Singapore, Australia, ...) will be prepared to make the world more resource-efficient.