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Earlier, we made notice about the nomination of CAPTURE for the Regiostars Awards 2019 ( ). Now, CAPTURE is one of the the 24 finalists and one of the five contestants in the category 'Connecting green, blue and grey'. We...
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This week two research papers coming out of collaboration between researchers from the water-pipeline and several partners of the businesplatform Resource Recovery technology were accepted for publication. These two studies showcase how CAPTURE researchers would like to collaborate with societal...
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CAPTURE professors Steven De Meester and Kim Ragaert reached out to the wider public on circular plastics, plastics recycling and sustainable plastic use in current affairs national TV programme 'De Markt' and in a TEDx talk.
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CAPTURE is gaining ground at a fast pace. The relevance of the CAPTURE thematic pipelines, the collaboration model and the unique infrastructure have made CAPTURE an essential player for innovation in Cleantech on the international level. This is also valued by the European Commission who has...