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Last week, CAPTURE Water fit-for-use professor Korneel Rabaey , together with PhD student Arjen Van de Walle, published an opinion piece in Knack (NL) , calling for more structural and drastic measures to encourage actions towards a more drought-resistant future. In the past, the ' W-peil ' was...
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Last week, the plastics to resource pipeline has been very active on social media and in the media in general, warning our policy makers that the current crisis combined with low oil prices could mean the end for a lot of small, innovative recycling businesses. Prof. Steven De Meester published an...
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On the 26th of March, professor Ingmar Nopens, part of the CAPTURE-Water team, published an article on LinkedIn on the value of model predictive control in these times of COVID19. The article can be found here . In this article, he discusses how models can be used to predict not only the course of...
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The next EFB Biotechnology Congress will take place in Maastricht next June. It will include six scientific streams, that include: bioengineering, biocatalysis, metabolic engineering and Biotechnology for the environment and energy. More information can be found on