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On the 26th of october, we present you the European Premiere of Brave Blue World ! This is organised by CAPTURE in cooperation with Vlaams Kenniscentrum Water (VLAKWA/VITO), AquaFlanders, The Belgian Geographic Committee of the International Water Resources Association (B-IWA) and
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We have exciting news! Vrije Universiteit Brussel just became partner of CAPTURE! Next to UGent, VITO and University of Antwerp, the VUB is now the fourth core partner. We are looking forward to the collaboration. #TogetherWeBecomeCircular.
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After being CTO ad-interim, prof. Korneel Rabaey will be officially appointed as the part-time CTO for CAPTURE from August 2020 on. Instead of introducing him in an article, we asked him to introduce himself and his goals as CTO in a short video. We're looking forward to the continued, fruitful...
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It has been in the works since the beginning of the year, but we can finally announce that the CO2 business platform has taken off! We are proud that four major companies active in this field have chosen to join us and are looking forward to a rich future of collaboration and growing together.