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Recticel is a Belgian group with a strong European perspective having ca 100 establishments spread over 28 countries. The company aspires to make an essential difference in the daily comfort of individuals with its polyurethane products. The core portfolio is organized around 4 application areas...


The flexible foam business line develops and produces a wide variety of solutions with product attributes such as silencing, sealing, filtering, carrying, protecting, supporting and comforting. These solutions, predominantly based on flexible polyurethane foam products, are found in various B2B markets and segments. 


The Insulation business line offers high-quality thermal insulation products that are used immediately in construction projects and building renovations. The insulation products are marketed under well-known brand and product names: Eurowall®, Powerroof®, Powerdeck®, Powerwall®, Xentro®, etc.


The Bedding division markets consumer-ready mattresses, slat bases and box springs under well-known brand names like Beka®, Lattoflex®, Literie Bultex®, Schlaraffia®, Semballa®, Superba®, Swissflex®, etc., as well as ingredient brands such as GELTEX® inside and Bultex®.

Automotive division

The automotive division, which comprises interior trim activities and seating solutions (via a joint venture), focuses on innovation, technical progress and excellent customer service.

Sustainable innovation

Sustainable innovation is the driver behind all the research and development efforts. It is at the heart of the Recticel strategy and a key deciding factor in everything what is done. The group constantly aims at increasing its positive impact on society and the environment.