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Evides Industriewater
Evides Industriewater B.V. is a subsidiary of Evides N.V., the supplier of drinking water to the Dutch province of Zeeland and parts of neighboring provinces Zuid-Holland and Noord-Brabant.

Evides Industriewater is a leading supplier of water services to industries in the Benelux and Germany. These services include the supply of industrial process water, demineralized water and feed water to the agricultural sector. Additionally we own and operate several industrial and domestic wastewater treatment plants. All water process plants of Evides are developed on the basis of DBFO contracts. The DBFO principle (Design, Build, Finance & Operate) means that Evides takes responsibility at all stages of the development of a contract, including maintenance and long-term operations.

Fresh water

Availability of fresh water and increasing energy demand for water treatment are issues on a global level. Due to our ongoing investments in research and development, we help to create a better environment. As a water specialist, we play a leading role in developing innovative and sustainable solutions throughout the water chain. We collaborate with academics, knowledge institutes, government organizations and industry, to invest in water circularity. By working together, we can put solutions into practice and make a real contribution to a more sustainable economy and society.

In our everyday practice, we see that the quest for more sustainable water management does not limit itself to a single discipline. Chemistry and microbiology, mechanical and civil engineering, electronics and IT. They all go hand-in-hand in the vast applied field of water treatment. However, engineers that design, build and operate treatment rarely have the time for good R&D, especially where it concerns fundamental research. In order for a production company to be able to contribute to truly innovative solutions, it needs to find the right collaboration.


Therefore Evides is very happy to have found a partner in Ghent University, through our research chair Industrial and Circular Water Technology, which facilitates the transfer of university research to society. The chair was founded in 2016  with the support of Evides Industriewater, and the promotors are Prof. Arne Verliefde, Prof. Ingmar Nopens and Prof. Nico Boon, while the liaison function is carried out by Dr. Marjolein Vanoppen. The goal is to make innovative technologies in the industrial water cycle possible and achievable. That way, the water cycle can be made more efficient and sustainable and industry can be prepared for the future. This results in cost savings, growth and increased productivity for the end-user.

This chair forms the connection to several interesting industry related projects, such as IMPROVED, which focuses on the construction and exploitation of a mobile process water production and online monitoring unit, and the Condensate treatment project, which is aimed at the treatment of contaminated condensate streams and the fate of chemicals in the steam-cycle.