Special seminar: Single cell technologies for microbial community characterization

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The relevance of an accurate characterisation of microbial communities in aqueous media and their follow-up over time has already been demonstrated in a wide number of processes driven by microbial communities, e.g. wastewater treatment, drinking water production, fermentations, aquaculture, ... Microbial fingerprinting technologies such as flow cytometry have gone through breakthrough developments in the last years. CAPTURE researchers at Ghent University have highly contributed to these developments by improved data interpretation and unraveling links between flow cytometry data on the one hand and microbial communities and ecology on the other hand.

Within the water pipeline of CAPTURE, a special seminar is organized on "Single cell technologies for microbial community characterization". The seminar will take place on Tuesday October 16th from 9h till 17h at Campus Dunant of Ghent University. The seminar will host a number of European renowned speakers from academia and industry. For more information: https://belsocmicrobio.be/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/OverviewInvite.pdf