International students designed circular cities during Circu-City Summer Camp

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Climate change and circular economy are key megatrends for all of us. The International Training Centre of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering of Ghent University, in cooperation with CAPTURE, organize each year the CIRCU-City Summer Camp to train students to deal with these megatrends. Simply put, the CIRCU-City Summer Camp brings together a group of international students who are actively trained and challenged during two weeks to develop novel solutions for the development of sustainable circular cities. Next to a number of interactive lectures and workshops, a field trip showcasing a range of good practices, a board game and a 2-day tournament are organised.

This year 32 international students joined the summer camp. Among other things, they took a glimpse behind the scenes of the Huyghe brewery in Melle. The visit and the tasting of different beers were highly appreciated by the students. During the last two days, the group was divided into smaller groups. Thinking about how to reduce the winter rainfalls and creating wetter summers, and about many other challenges, the small groups battled each other in the 2-day tournament, with creditable results!