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CAPTURE wants to be in an active dialogue with its societal stakeholders regarding its activities. These stakeholders can be citizens, industry, governments, knowledge institutes, NGOs etc. Therefore, from time to time, CAPTURE is represented at workshops, events and showcases. More specifically, CAPTURE will be represented at the following occasions in the coming weeks:

Wednesday May 9th: Europe Day, organized by the Province of East Flanders. CAPTURE will present its activities in the Interreg projects Improved, on water-fit-for-use;  Enop, on CO2 storage and use; and PSYCHE, on plastic waste valorization.

Friday June 1st: Cleantech event, organized by Cleantechcluster Regio Gent. This event will host a number of thematic workshops, including workshops on the CAPTURE pipelines: water-fit-for-use,  CO2 capture and utilization and plastics to resource.

Come and talk to us to transform your waste into resources in a challenging project!