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On the 26th of March, professor Ingmar Nopens, part of the CAPTURE-Water team, published an article on LinkedIn on the value of model predictive control in these times of COVID19. The article can be found here . In this article, he discusses how models can be used to predict not only the course of...
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CAPTURE is honored to host prof. David Sedlak (University of California, Berkeley, USA) for a series of lectures in November 2019 on the topic 'Water 4.0'.
Climate change and circular economy are key megatrends for all of us. The International Training Centre of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering of Ghent University, in cooperation with CAPTURE, organize each year the CIRCU-City Summer Camp to train students to deal with these megatrends. Simply...
CAPTURE researcher Marjolein Vanoppen and environmental toxicologist Colin Janssen (UGent) describe in an article in Knack (in Dutch) the need for better and clearer communication on the risks of microplastics in drinking water and the environment. Read the article via: 'Gezondheidsrisico's...