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Last week, CAPTURE Water fit-for-use professor Korneel Rabaey , together with PhD student Arjen Van de Walle, published an opinion piece in Knack (NL) , calling for more structural and drastic measures to encourage actions towards a more drought-resistant future. In the past, the ' W-peil ' was...
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CAPTURE professors Steven De Meester and Kim Ragaert reached out to the wider public on circular plastics, plastics recycling and sustainable plastic use in current affairs national TV programme 'De Markt' and in a TEDx talk.
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Dr. Marjolein Vanopppen was hosted at Van Gils & gasten, a Flemish TV-show to explain how our diet impacts global water cycles and land use. Van Gils & gasten - Van Gils & gasten 20181029 | VRT NU
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Rocks can help with the removal of carbon dioxide