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The C-PlaNeT Marie Sklodowska International Training Network has been approved. C-PlaNeT will create a European Joint Doctorate with 15 young PhD researchers on circular plastics economy. The C-PlaNet consortium is very multidisciplinary and consists of polymer chemists, process technologists, LCA-...
CAPTURE research was highly cited in the Flemish press recently.
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This 9,5 M€ project aims at taking away barriers for implementing a circular plastics economy on a local level. The project will develop strategies to increase urban plastic recycling rates to more than 50%. The City of Ghent and Ghent University are the driving forces of the project.
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By 2050, there could be more than plastic than fish in the ocean. We know that cleaning up the beaches is vital , but the real problem with plastic starts long before it reaches our oceans and beaches, and so must the solutions. Working side-by-side, businesses and governments have the power to...