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CAPTURE is growing rapidly and is looking for a talented operations manager to consolidate its growth. More information: UGent Vacancy website
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A new cohort of MSc students for the international Master of Science in Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management (SINReM) have started their journey. 22 Students from all over the world (Spain, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, Singapore, Australia, ...) will be prepared to make the world more resource-efficient.
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The ELECTRA project is a EU-China RTD joint initiative that will deliver 2 innovative sets of novel electromicrobiology based environmental biotechnologies, facilitating/improving electron transfer during microbial degradation processes, for example in water treatment processes.
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At UGent, 21 faculty positions for interdisciplinary projects with societal impact are vacant. Three of them will be linked to the Center for Sustainable Chemistry, of which CAPTURE forms an integral part, in cooperation with the Center for Sustainable Development