CAPTURE-Water professor Ingmar Nopens on COVID19 in the media

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On the 26th of March, professor Ingmar Nopens, part of the CAPTURE-Water team, published an article on LinkedIn on the value of model predictive control in these times of COVID19. The article can be found here.

In this article, he discusses how models can be used to predict not only the course of the pandemic, but also the effects of measurements (social distancing, lockdown, extensice screening and back-tracking, ...) and what would happen once these measurements would be relaxed or released completely. This approach clearly shows the value of model predictive control, which in this case can help us estimate when would be the right time to start relaxing measurements, how fast we should do this and in what way.

Yesterday, prof. Nopens talked about this approach on national radio, in an interview with Radio 1 (in Dutch). His conclusions are clear; we need a multidisciplinary approach and no, models are not perfect. But they are much better than just following our gut feeling.