CAPTURE researchers trained to set up their own business

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Next to excellent research and training, CAPTURE aims at valorisation of the work . In this context, CAPTURE, in collaboration with the UGent Tech Transfer office, has organised an entrepreneurship program for PhD students and Postdoctoral collaborators. Teams with an idea linked to one of the CAPTURE pipelines (Water, CO2 or Plastics) were invited to join and develop their business ideas and skills. 

The program attracted five teams with in total 14 participants all with an engineering background. They participated in several intensive group sessions and individual group coaching meetings to develop customer awareness, market segmentation and develop a thorough product definition from an initial idea. The renowned and successful MIT ‘Disciplined Entrepreneurship’ methodology was followed throughout the program. Several start-up companies also came along to discuss lessons from practice. Of the five teams, at least three teams are moving forward to develop their respective ideas.

Picture: Participants and coaches of the first session of the CAPTURE entrepreneurship course before their pitches at the local chamber of commerce.