CAPTURE in the press

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CAPTURE research was highly cited in the Flemish press recently.

- CAPTURE researchers Korneel Rabaey, Ingmar Nopens, Arne Verliefde, Jan Arends and Siegfried Vlaeminck published their opinion on the drought plan of the Flemish government in newspaper De Standaard. One of the ideas is the development of a W-level, an indicator for water efficiency in buildings.


- On this topic, CAPTURE researcher and science communicator Marjolein Vanoppen was invited to news talkshow 'De Afspraak' to debate with Flemish minister for the Environment Koen Van den Heuvel.


- The impact of the drought plan for the Flemish industry was further taken up by public broadcast VRT, who published and article on their website and cited the CAPTURE researchers.


- Finally, professor Steven De Meester explained in De Standaard the complexity of recycling of multi-layer food packaging and the way forward for plastic packaging.