CAPTURE participates in The Mobble, a Solar Decathlon contestant

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CAPTURE researchers participate in this year’s Solar Decathlon Europe contest, a prestigious international competition for sustainable building techniques. A team of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture is construction The Mobble, a modular building system that focuses on the renovation of apartment buildings that were built in the suburbs of our Belgian cities in the 50’ - ’70. And the Bioscience engineers of CMET and CAPTURE are proud to participate!

Prof. Bart De Gusseme, Jan Arends, Dries Seuntjes, Myrsini Sakarika and Marjolein Vanoppen are demonstrating the concept of source separation of domestic wastewater and decentralized treatment of black and grey water. The technology allows to recover energy in the form of biogas and excess heat, to produce green fertilizers such as struvite, and to reuse the water itself for household use or even potable water. The concept is already applied in several demonstration projects and will be implemented at full-scale in De Nieuwe Dokken in Ghent as well:

Read all about it in the special edition of DE STANDAARD  and discover The Mobble yourself on May 17, 18 or 19, at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration near the Sint-Pieterschurch in Ghent. Developing technology for the Circular Economy and the closure of the water circle is one of the research goals of CMET and CAPTURE.