CAPTURE paper on biomethane and carbon capture classified as 'Hot paper'

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The scientific top journal 'Energy and Environmental sciences' (Impact factor 30.1) has classified a CAPTURE paper as '2018 Hot Paper'.

The paper 'Upgrading the value of anaerobic digestion via chemical production from grid injected biomethane' by Kristof Verbeeck et al. describes the opportunity to combine biomethane (CH4) from biogas with CO2. Using the process of 'Super-dry reforming', developed at Ghent University, these can be combined to carbon monoxide (CO), a platform molecule which can be the basis for production of a wide variety of base and added-value chemicals.

This concept could mean a breakthrough innovation for both carbon capture and utilization as well as for the anaerobic digestion of organic wastes.

The article can be consulted via this link: