CAPTURE launches the CO2 business platform with 4 companies!

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We are pleased to announce the launch of a business platform of the CAPTURE CO2 pipeline! Since January 2020 the members of CAPTURE CO2 have contacted major companies with a large carbon footprint. The contacted companies reflect the economic field in Flanders. Four large companies have enthusiastically joined the CO2 business platform by June 2020. The membership contracts have been signed and officially accepted last month. Our first industrial partners are: ENGIE, Keppel Seghers, Umicore and SUEZ! At the moment the mapping exercise is performed to establish the synergies and exceptions to find the best way of effective collaborating between the academic members and the new industrial partners.

In no particular order, we are proud to introduce these companies and their motivation for joining CAPTURE.


ENGIE_logotype_solid_BLUE_RGB.jpg"Engie wants to be a leader in the carbon neutral energy transition and believes that to achieve this, electrification and gasification go hand in hand. Surely part of the solution is the direct use of renewable electricity in lots of industrial processes and mobility applications but for many applications 'molecules' will remain important. Seeing CO2 as a resource rather than as a waste is part of our strategy and the expertise that we find in the CAPTURE CO2 platform complements very well our work within ENGIE Research on the topic of power to molecules. The scientific level of the researchers on both chemical and biological CO2 conversion pathways is of extreme high level and recognized worldwide.'

Jan Mertens - Chief Science Officer at ENGIE


"SUEZ wants to keep playing a pioneer role in shaping a sustainable environment. A key pillar is reaching out for a positive climate impact and positive impact on the planet's natural capital.SUEZ_HD.png Specifically regarding CO2, SUEZ wants to realize a GHG reduction of 45% CO2, eq by 2030 in line with the 1.5°C global warming trajectory. Moreover, it is our target to save ~20 Mton yearly CO2 emissions for our clients. A close collaboration with the academic world is one of the many bricks necessary to realize these targets. SUEZ is therefore looking forward to joining the CAPTURE CO2 business platform."

Michel Poets - Process Manager at SUEZ


"Every year hundreds of millions tons of non-recyclable waste are produced. In an energy from waste installation heat and materialKSeghers_2C_P186_RGB_ENG_TAG.pngs are recovered from this non-recyclable waste. In this recovery process CO2 is produced. Since 50% of this non-recyclable waste is of biogenic origin the capturing of the produced CO2 allows EfW installations to become carbon negative. By joining the CAPTURE CO2 business platform Keppel Seghers likes to explore the topic of carbon capture."

Tom Croymans - Innovation Manager at Keppel Seghers


"Sustainable value creation is embedded in Umicore's DNA and we continuously strive to improve our ownUMICORE_Logo_300_2.69_0.90cm - Color BMP_Internal_External Use_12726.jpg processes. In recycling, carbon circularity is an important leap for our industry, mitigating carbon waste and taking the circular economy to the next level. Open innovation and industry-wide collaboration will not only drive the development of right technologies, but will also ensure an eco-system that will allow its growth to maturity and effective industrialization. Umicore believes that by joining the CAPTURE CO2 business platform, we will contribute to making carbon circularity a reality together with research, government and industry bodies."

Isabel Vermeulen - Manager Strategic Insights and Analytics at Umicore