CAPTURE Entrepreneurial Network kicks off on October 30th!

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Have you ever wondered about starting your own business, but you aren’t sure of your idea – or you don’t have that brilliant idea yet? Or you don’t want to start alone, and are looking for people to team up with? You have a business, but aren’t sure what the next steps could be (scaling it, putting more time into it,…)? Or maybe you’ve learned a lot about starting, and would like to share experience? Or maybe you’re looking for new customers?

If you’re curious about entrepreneurship and want to know/learn/experience more, then you should definitely join our first-ever CAPTURE Enterpreneurial Network “Entrepreneur Café”, on the 30th of October from 17 to 19 o’clock in the Agora, UGent Campus Coupure.

Entrepreneurship is, next to research and education/training one of the 3 key pillars of CAPTURE. The CAPTURE Entrepreneurial Network café aims to bring together researchers with an entrepreneurial spirit for informal networking, matchmaking and inspiring guest lectures. It is organized by and for CAPTURE researchers, with the support of the CAPTURE staff and Ghent University. 5-10 meetings per year will be organized in order to build a well-connected community of entrepreneurial researchers.