CAPTURE BOF scholarship for developing countries

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CAPTURE researchers were successful in securing two PhD scholarships via the UGent Special Research Fund - Doctoral Scholarships for Candidates from Developing Countries. The two topics both deal with making maximum use of constructed wetlands for robust water treatment.

The collaboration with Jimma University in Ethiopia will focus on treating leachate of faecal sludge from latrines and septic tanks that is dried on a sandbed. This results in an unstable leachate which will be treated with a robust constructed wetland for maximum water re-use. The dried sludge will be valorised via composting or via digestion to biogas.

The collaboration with ESPOL in Ecuador will focus on developing a (bio)electrochemical treatment to disinfect constructed wetland effluent. In this way microbiologically safe irrigation and possibly drinking water can be provided to rural communities that do not have access to a drinking water provider.

These projects further strengthen the sanitation work program within CAPTURE that links up with achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6. One of the projects in India was recently awarded the Development Collaboration Award by the Belgian Committee of the International Water Association.

UGent researchers involved in the two newly granted projects are Prof. Stijn van Hulle, Prof. Diederik Rousseau and Prof. Korneel Rabaey.